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  • I lost my best friend and pillar of my life, Niti,  this fateful year of 2021.
    I first met her in 1968 and We got married in 1970. Ours was an adoration of 51 years. We had lots of similar interests and a few different ones as well.
    We both loved to travel. I liked to wander in Himalayas she preferred plains. We both loved good literature, Indian classical music, Hindi film music of the 1950-1970 genre and reading in general. We both loved photography. She would prefer portrait, I preferred Landscapes. She was a very good writer and a poet. She could sing well too. I couldn't.  
    We were fortunate to have travelled a lot together. She had keen eyes for natural beauty and she would point me to capture them on our travelling.
    She was my best and sometimes my harshest critic.
    After losing her, I wanted to keep our togetherness alive as I felt that our life was a colourful journey.
    And that culminated in this website.

    Our first photo together, evening of 31st. August, 1968

    In these  blogs I intend to present photographs from our trips together or sometimes by me alone with our experiences, some useful guidance, Some of Niti's writings and thoughts and our observations of each place that we visited.
    We, of course, welcome viewers' critics, suggestions etc.
    As our motto says our life was colourful together and I want to celebrate that time.