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  •  Mumbai, the financial capital of India and a bustling city of over 18 million people was home city of Niti and I. Niti did her entire education there, I did my postgraduate degree in Medicine there. I was born in Mumbai and even though lived and studied in various places, I used to visit family in Mumbai almost every year. Now, even after not having lived there for 50 years it still remains our favourite city with many many life long memories.

    Mumbai was originally a fishing village and local fishermen worshiped goddess Mumba Devi. From that the name Mumbai originated. The present day city is built on 7 islands. The islands were coalesced in 1784.
    the earliest settlers were Mauryas in 3rd. Century BC when it was transformed into Buddhist colony. Today  relics of this era are seen in Kanheri caves and on Elephanta island. By earlier accounts it was a center of commerce with Persia and Egypt long before the birth of Christ.
    In 1661 the marriage of Charles II of England and Catherine of Portugal placed Mumbai in British possession.
    Over the years the multiethnic communities have played significant part in making Mumbai as we know today.
    Today, the land reclamation at the southern end and some of the eastern and western parts of the island has expanded the land mass. A narrow causeway separates Northern part of Mumbai with the souther island of Mumbai.
    So many of the landmarks and their British names are still prevalent in minds of Mumbaikar, even though the official names have been changed. Who can forget Flora Fountain, Victoria Terminus or Victoria Garden, Marine Drive, Ballard pier etc.
    I have tried to present the important photos of Mumbai which played significant role in our life there.
    As they say " Mumbai Meri Jaan "......
    Our favourite Juhu Beach, Mumbai
    A rare scene. A quiet street in Santacruz Mumbai